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Bitcoin is the popular coin ande has been holding the top position comapred to other cryptocoins present in the crypto environment.  It has been come in the reports that US is no longer the leading recipient of Bitcoin and since 2013 Bitcoin was holding the first place but now the tables has turned as Singapore has taken the lead over the 2019 course.

As per the reports by analytics site Crystal Blockchain on December 5, 2019, International users have send BTC valued at $8.58 billions to Singapore last year. It is also observed that Singapore users received more dollars through the means of Bitcoins last year then anywhere across the world.  US were ruling the top position since 2014 but in 2019, it went to secondplace with $7.46 billion in BTC as per Crystal Blockchain’s data.  To avail more information, call us on Binance helpdesk number which is functional all the time for guidance. Contact the team for quality results and availing wonderful and impeccable results.  Speak to the team to get unlimited remedies.

Seychelles leads the outflow

Though, Singapore has not sent majority of the money through bitcoin last year. There is an island country and BitMEX host site the Seychelles come in the top list and have sent the geatest amount of Bitcoin in 2019 with value at $10.07 billion and also have attained the seconnd position in the overall transaction volume data as per theb  Crystal Blockchain’s data.  The US ranks the third position on the Bitcoin transaction volume list, which is a drop down for the nation as it previosuly held the top position for five consecutive years. In the year 2013, the United Kingdom experienced the maximum money getting in and out via Bitcoin.

Many exchanges function outside the U.S.

It is also in the notice that most of the top exchanges in the crypto environment have looked for settlement in countries outside the United States and the European Union that have inflexible regulations.  In addition to it, Crypto derivatives giant BitMEX handles its headquarters out of the Seychelles which was the most valuabale Bitcoin value in 2019. Also, the exchange is based in Malta. Though there are many exchanges that have retained their positions in US that include Coinbase, Kraken and Gemini. Meanwhile Binance is also planning to set up a regulative-sensitive branch in the most powerful nation. Moving forward to other crypto news, last month there was news about Singapore-based crypto exchange Bibox plans to delist the crypto asset XRP from its platform as per the Cointelegraph’s reporting.

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